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3Shape Implant Studio® 2016

3Shape Implant Studio®

Dental labs and practices use 3Shape Implant Studio® for prosthetic driven implant planning and surgical guide design. Implant Studio® introduces digital accuracy and predictability, while improving patient experience.

Go digital with 3Shape Implant Studio®

Digital technology is bringing consistent clinical insight and predictability to complex implant procedures. With 3Shape's Implant Studio, you have the tools needed to achieve predictable and esthetic results based on prosthetic driven planning. In this video you will see how digital implantology can enhance the patient experience and reduce chair-time, while also enabling you to expand your offering and deliver the complete prosthetic solution to the patient in one session.

5 reasons to use 3Shape Implant Studio®

Prosthetic driven planning Open system platform A flexible digital workflow Locally produce surgical guides at lower costs Flexible tools and features

Why you’ll save time and money with digital implantology

Discover how working with 3Shape Implant Studio and TRIOS® can help to increase your profits.

“Game-changing software”

Plan your implant procedures with Implant Studio software based on esthetics, intended final restoration, available bone and the overall clinical situation to deliver increased treatment predictability and better outcome.

Dentists can provide the full range of implant treatments

Planning is based on optimal esthetics, intended final restoration, available bone and the overall clinical situation. The solution increases treatment predictability and helps deliver a better outcome.

Single or multi

Single or multi implant cases with teeth supported guides

Use guides for stability in surgery for free-end cases where accessibility is limited.

Diagnostic tools

Diagnostic tools help decide if cases are appropriate for immediate loading

Virtually remove teeth and place implants. Then design guides and prosthetics for a single surgery.

Plan and treat

Plan and treat full and partially edentulous patients

Apply standard protocols like Double Scan Strategy. If possible, prepare the temporary bridge work prior to surgery.

Implant Planning

Prosthetic driven planning for results you can count on

Use virtual crowns or diagnostic wax-ups to increase predictability of the final treatment outcome.

Restorative components

Get the complete restorative package prior to surgery

Based on your planning, digitally communicate with your preferred partner who designs and manufactures the temporary crowns, customized healing abutments or even the final prosthetic.

Fast and predictable

Plan implant positions and design custom surgical guides in an intuitive step-by-step workflow.

Seamless lab integration

Send Implant Studio files to labs using 3Shape Dental System for seamless clinic-to-lab workflow connectivity.

Case story: predictable workflow for precision fitting healing abutment

Implant Studio provides a high degree of predictability for implant treatment. See how through an actual case.

Now dental labs can deliver new implant services to dentists

Design, produce and deliver surgical guides, surgical plans and diagnostic wax-ups to help your customers help their patients. Seamless integration of 3Shape Implant Studio® and Dental System™ enables you to provide total treatment solutions.


Planning services

Provide implant planning services or receive the implant positions from the dentist.

Design surgical guides

Deliver custom surgical guides designed to match the clinic’s requirements and needs.

Manufacture surgical guides

Produce cost efficient surgical guides to both new and existing clinical partners.


Design digital wax-ups

Create digital teeth wax-ups to assist dentists in prosthetic driven implant planning.

Provide complete treatment packages

Including surgical guide, prosthetic components, surgical reports and drill protocols.

Strong ecosystem ensures flexibility

Work with the world’s largest implant and material library in Dental System.