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Dental System

Digital Solutions for Orthodontic Labs

5 reasons to choose 3Shape Dental System

More indications and better tools Integrated scanners and documented accuracy Future proof solutions Global customer care Stronger ecosystem

Powerful User Experience

The most intuitive workflow ever

  • Intuitive workflow bar guides you through design stages
  • Make order changes at any time during design
  • Next / Back buttons to easily navigate between design steps
  • Powerful visualization controls for ideal viewing of cases

Order Management

Maximize productivity and case control

  • Easily create, manage and share orders
  • Combine case information to create digital patients
  • Wide options for importing 3rd party intraoral scans
  • Access materials and milling center libraries
  • Visualize the indication in the 3D Order Form

CAD/CAM ecosystem

Unrivaled versatility and integration

  • Access more than 50 implant libraries
  • Flexible manufacturing options
  • Wide manufacturing integration
  • Import 3rd party digital impressions
  • TRIOS® and integrated solution

List of Milling Machines and 3D Printers supported by 3Shape Dental System

Offer the perfect smile

3Shape’s new fast and easy software lets technicians and dentists use a photo of the patient to create a 2D image of the smile design in a few clicks. Labs can now provide dentists with a perfect way to convincingly sell treatments to patients.

Use RealView to create true predictions and link 2D to 3D

3Shape’s RealView allows technicians to create near photo-realistic visualizations of patient-cases by bringing together the patient’s face and teeth designed in 3D. Patients can try out their new smile.

The digital lab and its digital patients

Dental System brings together 3D scanning, CAD modeling, order management and communication tools. Improve treatment by combining all types of patient images such as surface scans, CBCT, face scans, patient photos, intraoral images and more.

Open your doors to TRIOS® scans and grow

Dental System makes it easy for the lab to work with the thousands of dentists using TRIOS® and gain max benefits from the new technology.

Integrated automated milling and 3D printing

3Shape CAMbridge® software gives labs and milling centers a competitive edge by enhancing cost-efficiency and productivity of manufacturing workflows.

Case communication with anyone, anywhere

3Shape Communicate™ eases collaboration between dentists, surgeons and lab technicians to enhance efficiency and improve results.

What’s new in Dental System 2016

The 2016 release introduces new dental indications, user-friendliness, additional automation and more. Read details about all the new features.

We include care, technology, and expertise

3Shape LabCare bundles services that are designed to secure your investment year after year.


FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group’s sole product focus is to develop and deliver a CAM software that is dedicated to the dental market. This not only allows us to quickly adapt to the functional requirements of our customers, but also bring new and innovative features first to market with our core product hyperDENT®.

hyperDENT incorporates efficient proven milling cycles from the industrial segment that provide maximum process stability and indication quality. For example, the patent protected peeling strategies used for complex materials such as glass ceramic ensures perfect surface quality while simultaneously maximizing tool life.

Based on a modular product structure, hyperDENT targets different dental market segments from small and mid-sized dental laboratories, to milling centres and high-production laboratories. Customers can choose which hyperDENT version best suits their business needs from one of our two core products: hyperDENT Compact or hyperDENT Classic. Depending on individual needs, customers can also add-on software from the hyperDENT Options range.

As the demand for in-house milling production began to rise steadily, a simple to use, lighter edition of hyperDENT was created. This CAM software unlocks the true potential of common benchtop-type mills while staying sensitive to the lower-cost nature of this machine category. All of the key advantages, of a fast, safe, efficient and precise workflow process that hyperDENT is renowned for, is maintained. Therefore, although this edition is light, it contains all of the core requirements that any lab would need. With its user-friendly interface, extensive training is not required and can therefore be used by technicians without previous CAD/CAM experience.

FOLLOW-ME!’s flagship product allows for the in-house production of ALL your digitally designed dental applications. Its robust features and unique customization options give labs and milling centers complete control of their manufacturing needs.

Containing all that is included in Compact, this version is a step up and is suitable for large-sized labs, where simultaneous production on multiple projects is required. Features such as multipart roughing contribute to workflow efficiency by reducing material waste, increasing tool life and decreasing milling times. Additionally, customers are able to create their own part types to clarify a wider range of products within the software. This enables the customer to specify separate parameters and toolpaths for their newly created indications.

Staying up-to-date with new CAD/CAM technology can be difficult without a CAM product that gives its users flexibility and expandability. hyperDENT Options allows for add-on modules so that users can either manufacture new types of indications or customize their current capabilities and solutions.

  • The hyperDENT grinding module adds special toolpaths for the production of glass ceramics. These toolpaths specifically address the complications of grinding with water-cooled diamond cutters, for the highest quality and most efficient production of these materials.
  • The hyperDENT full denture module is a fully automated CAM feature that cuts out more than half of the steps required in the traditional full denture process. It is one of the first full denture capable software systems that utilizes automated tool paths and parameter calculations. This includes both the lower and upper jaw components, which allows for easy digital handling and is particularly beneficial for novice users.
  • The hyperDENT template generator is for advanced CAM users who need to create individualized machining templates to respond with total flexibility to new tools, materials, and restorations. With this module, hyperDENT possesses a unique and flexible selling point in the market like no other, as other CAM suppliers create the machining templates s and then sell them on to the customer.
  • The hyperDENT abutment creator enables the milling of individual abutments, implant bars, and screw-retained bridges. Due to the tested libraries of interface geometries, these complex restorations can be milled easily with high-quality results. It also disregards the inconsistency of implant interface geometries from different CAD systems and scan adapter libraries, by replacing the geometry with a perfectly fitting alternative.

download the hyperDENT V8 datasheet

Freedom of Material Selection

Choosing hyperDENT as your CAM software gives you 100% freedom of choice in your material selection. As a result, neither you or your customers are restricted due to compatibility limitations, empowering you to decide the level of quality you wish to produce. It also allows for integration of materials that are brand new to the market.


With the evolution of digitalization in the dental industry, possibilities for indications are on the rise. hyperDENT allows its’ customers to mill:

→ Coping → Coping bridges → Crowns → Crown bridges → Abutments → Abutment bridges → Abutment crown bridges → Inlays and Onlays → Inlays and Onlay bridges → Telescopes → Overpresses → Bitesplints → Models→ Model Stumps → Full lower Dentures → Full upper Dentures → Full Dentures

Secure Workflow

For example, if a part has been incorrectly placed, you will be notified with a warning or error message. You will get this when something has occurred outside from your customized default settings.

Another very useful function is the calculate if feature. As the operator, you can predetermine hypothetical situations and enter them in to the calculate if mode.

For example, when changing between blank sizes, calculate if will identify this and automatically choose the correct tools and groove depths to be used. This makes it much easier to customize options to suit any situation.

Furthermore, the default collision check settings ensure that the holder is clear of collisions in 3 and 5 axis machining jobs. For every job, the collision check setup function in the template parameters can be used for either the tool or tool and holder mode. A popup screen will show any incorrect workflow situations that are occurring, giving the operator a view of what may be going wrong.

Independent Operation

hyperDENT is the only CAM product that provides a full-sized template generator enabling customers to create their own milling strategies in a simple, straightforward manner. This allows customers to operate independently from their CAM supplier and protect their milling knowledge, as the need to divulge milling strategies is not required.

High Quality Results

Perfect fit, perfect surface quality

The result is what counts – and this can be judged by the fit and surface quality. Milling algorithms are the key to achieving excellent results in these areas.

With hyperDENT you can achieve an extremely good fit exactly where it is needed; the margin line, the abutment connection geometry, or the screw seat area in the screw channel. This gives you high-precision dental restorations, without sacrificing fast machining times.

With hyperDENT, margin lines can be manufactured to perfection. Special circular equidistant milling strategies ensure that thin edges can be machined in zirconium oxide without damage to the margin line, despite the quick processing times.

High Performance

High Performance – Fast and extremely reliable

Time is one of the deciding factors in the production of dental prostheses. Fast calculation and milling times should be achieved without damaging process reliability. No other CAM software has the functionalities that are built into hyperDENT that allow this to be achieved providing hyperDENT users with a clear-cut advantage.

→ With multi-core support, tool path calculations are simultaneously delivered to all the processor’s cores, leading to a significant reduction in calculation time.

→ Depending on the job, tool format and depth of immersion, the boundaries of the milling area are automatically widened, avoiding a potential collision.

→ Automatic blank-tracking ensures process reliability for roughing and the machining of rest-material.

→ An optional depth-limiter for tool paths, and automatic selection of the right tool length, prevent machining errors and the production of rejects.

→ An automatic collision control in both 3-axis and 5-axis modes, and an optional control for tool collisions against blanks, blank holders and tool holders, prevent any costly milling accidents.

→ An automatic check of the machine’s axis limitation results in calculations that are immediately interrupted if an error should occur.

→ During the production of screw-retained abutments, the screw channel is automatically recognized, and hyperDENT’s internal geometry is regenerated to remove any inconsistencies in the scanning and design process.