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3Shape lab scanners

Digital Solutions for Orthodontic Labs

From the Red Dot award-winning D2000 to the more affordable E scanners, 3Shape provides you with the widest selection of scanners to meet your budget.

5 Reasons to choose Orthodontic System

Enhance analysis and treatment planning with integrated digital workflows Increase productivity with CAD/CAM appliance design and manufacturing Improve orthodontic treatment with ISO accuracy-documented scanners Connect directly to TRIOS® orthodontists and orthodontic solution providers Secure your Investment with unlimited software upgrades and global support

Choose the perfect scanner for you


Essential scanning to digitize your lab

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant) : 10μm / 12 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 40 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 25 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 130 sec
  • Texture: n/a


Increased productivity and texture scanning

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant) : 10μm / 12 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 30 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 20 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 90 sec
  • Texture: B&W


High performance and implant bar accuracy

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836/ implant) : 7 μm / 10 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 24 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 18 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 80 sec
  • Texture: Color


Ultra-high productivity

  • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant) : 5 μm / 8 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 16
  • Scan speed (die): 15
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 65 sec
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning strategy: Die in model


All-in-one scanning for maximum throughput

  • 2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
  • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant) : 10μm / 12 μm
  • Scan speed (arch): 30 sec
  • Scan speed (die): 20 sec
  • Scan speed (full arch impression): 90 sec
  • Texture: B&W
  • Scanning strategy: All in one


Digital Study Models

Add digital archiving to your services. Create digital study models from impressions and plaster models as well as digital intraoral scans.

Complete CAD/CAM workflows

Take advantage of CAD appliance design for design optimization and flexible manufacturing options via open file output formats.

Treatment planning services

Seamlessly share treatment proposals including bracket placement with orthodontists.

Orthodontic analysis services

Take advantage of easy to use and customizable case analysis software.

Digital models

Create study models from intraoral and desktop scans

  • Provide digital model services
  • Virtually debond brackets
  • Avoid model contamination
  • Receive digital impressions directly

Ortho Analyzer™ – Analysis

Precision digital analysis services

  • Merge CT/CBCT data, scans, x-ray panoramics, cephalometric tracings and photos with digital study models
  • 2D and 3D toolkit for analysis of arc shapes, overjet/overbite, Bolton ratios, occlusion and spaces
  • Easy to use tools and wizards help you provide, and save analysis processes tailored to customers’ needs

Ortho Analyzer™ – Treatment Planning

Define and simulate tooth movements

  • Accurately place brackets on the virtual models
  • Optimize occlusion in real time with virtual articulators
  • Simulate treatments including extractions, interproximal reductions, constraints and full tooth movement details

Impression Scanning

Impression scanners are a secure investment

Looking ahead, scanning impressions is expected to become the standard for 3D capture. All 3Shape dental scanners include Adaptive Impression Scanning, ensuring labs impression capture that truly works and a safe investment.

Multi-line and All-in-one scanning

Increase productivity by up to 40%

The D2000 and D1000 multi-line scanners capture multiple scan lines in a single shot for high speed. All-in-One scanning on the D2000 enables users to capture models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information with a single scan.*

Flexible subscription packages

Match your needs and budget by selecting the level of support you receive with two 3Shape LabCare subscription options. Choose from a free, no-subscription Basic package with limited services, and the full-service LabCare package including optional warranty and scanner replacement agreement.

Documented Scan accuracy (ISO 12836)

Scan accuracy you can rely on

Before purchasing a scanner, you should know the measurement methods behind the manufacturer's claims. Here's ours. 3Shape measures and documents accuracy for all scanners using ISO 12836 standards and dedicated implant bar validation objects.