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The Freeform PRO2

Production on your Desktop

The Freeform PRO2™ is a professional 3D printer for direct manufacturing applications offering high-resolution, speed and reliability in a desktop format.

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Five Year UV LED Warranty

The Freeform PRO2™ includes a five-year warranty on the UV LED light source as standard.

Brushless Servo Precision

Closed-loop brushless servo control of the Z-axis permits arbitrary resolution in 1 µm increments with 200 nm resolution, making the PRO2™ unparalleled in accuracy.

Slide and Separate™ Technology

Asiga's proprietary Slide and Separate (SAS™) technology breaks new ground in the Freeform PRO2™, allowing a large build area whilst maintaining the lowest fabrication forces of any upside-down stereolithography system. The result is minimal support structures and reliable accuracy for demanding direct manufacturing applications.

Open Material System

Print with any suitable material from any material manufacturer. Your choice, no strings.

Simple & Fast Material Changeover

The fastest material change over than any other product on the market. Complete in under 30 seconds.

  • Squeeze Build Tray handles to release tray & remove.
  • Insert new tray & clamp.
  • Done. Start print job.

100% Confidence

We are so confident in our products that we offer Lifetime unlimited technical support, free of charge.

Office Friendly

The Freeform PRO2™ is a true office peripheral with Ethernet connectivity for shared access across networks. Operation is almost completely silent, odor free, and requires no special facilities.


Composer is the software interface to all our 3D Printers. Powerful, intuitive and free.

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Asiga Flash

A compact post curing device for curing parts after printing.

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Calibration Toolkit

All the tools you need to calibrate your PICO2.

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Material Pack

One of our leading materials is included in every 3D printer bundle. You decide which one you would like.

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Free and unlimited lifetime technical support.

Because we care.

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