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CORiTEC 250i dry touch dental milling machine

The new CORiTEC 250i touch is a compact 5-axis system for dry processing.

CORiTEC 250i dry touch - dental milling machine

The compact 5-axis system!

The CORiTEC 250i and CORiTEC 250i dry machine systems are the most widely used CAD/CAM systems for applications of zirconium dioxide, PMMA or wax. Thanks to the 5-axis technology, these machines can also produce complex dentures with diverging stumps and undercut areas without further rework. These systems are therefore ideal if a good price/performance ratio is in the foreground, while simultaneously retaining very high equipment flexibility.

Processing of CAD/CAM blocks or premilled abutments are also possible by using the respective adapter systems. This makes the CORiTEC 250i a very cost-eff ective system, off ering an high variety of materials, and with its 5-axis system great flexibility as well.

  • 5-axis machining systems with up to +-30° axis orientation
  • tool runtime control/breakage control
  • integrated cooling cycle for cooling lubricant (CORiTEC 250i)
  • HF spindle up to 60,000 rpm
  • 12-fold tool changer
  • compressed air and coolant level monitoring
  • for processing of zirconium, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials
  • processing of premilled abutments possible
  • integrated control PC with touch screen

Technical specifications CORiTEC 250i dry touch - dental milling system

Number of axles and machining type5 axes, simultaneous machining
Max. tilt angle of the rotary axisA-axis +/- 30° / B-axis +/- 25°
Wet processing Integrated for the CORiTEC 250i
Spindle max. / Pmax~60,000 rpm / 0,4 kW
Axle drivesMicrostep motors
Tool fitting3 mm shaft
Tool changer12-fold
Workpiece changerManual
Weight95 kg
Width x depth x height544x650x612 mm
Mains voltage / frequency / power100 V-240 V / 50/60 Hz / 900 W
Compressed air supply6-9 bar constant supply, 50 litres/minute
MaterialsZirconium dioxide, aluminium oxide, PMMA, plastics, composites, wax. Glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics, prefabricated abutments (only CORiTEC 250i touch)
Compatibility98 mm/98.5 mm blanks, CAD/CAM blocks (3-fold adapters), Lava frames

Additional Information

Number of axes5
Number of tool positions12
Pmax~ maximum spindle speed0,4 kW 60.000 rpm
Drive motorsMicrostep motors
Blank change / Number of blank holderManual once
Dry processingIdeally suitable
Wet processingOnly for dry processing, e.g. Lava Ultimate
Blank processing 98 / 98,5mmIdeally suitable
Block processing (CAD / CAM blocks) Only for dry processing, e.g. Lava Ultimate
Zirconium oxide / aluminium oxideIdeally suitable
PMMA / resins / PEEK /composite / waxIdeally suitable
Glass ceramics / hybrid ceramicsNot available
Sintered metalIdeally suitable
Chromium cobaltNot available
TitaniumNot available
Copings / Crowns / Inlay / OnlayIdeally suitable
Bridges up to 3 itemsIdeally suitable
Bridges up to 14 itemsIdeally suitable
Therapeutic splints (bite splints)Suitable
Tooth modelsNot available
Model castSuitable
Abutments on titanium adhesive basisIdeally suitable
Prefabricated abutments of Ti /CoCrNot available
One-piece abutments (Zr, resins)Suitable
One-piece abutments (CoCr, titanium)Not available
Barr structures / one-piece abutment bridges on implantsNot available