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CORiTEC - 245i dry dental milling machine

The CORiTEC 245i and CORiTEC 245i dry machine systems establish your productive entry into dental CAD/CAM manufacturing - a optimal price/performance ratio

CORiTEC 245idry touch - dental milling machine

Optimal price/performance ratio

The CORiTEC 245i touch and CORiTEC 245i dry touch machine systems establish your productive entry into dental CAD/CAM manufacturing. Also, these systems are suitable for application as complementary systems in larger labs and milling centers.

Thanks to the perfect price/performance ratio of the machines, most of all restaurations can be produced inexpensively from e.g. zirconium dioxide or PMMA materials. All commercially available blanks with the 98 mm or 98.5 mm diameter can be used.

Also, processing of CAD/CAM blocks with a 3-fold adapter is possible; this is often used in wet processing for grinding materials or prefabricated abutments.

Technical highlights

  • 4-axis machining system with up to 30° axis orientation
  • Tool runtime control/breakage control
  • Integrated cooling circuit for cooling lubricant (only 245i)
  • HF spindle up to 60,000 rpm
  • High-resolution and high-performance micro-step controllers and motors on all axes
  • Air purge system and cooling nozzles for wet processing are integrated in the spindle holder
  • Extraction system to extract the resulting particulate matter
  • Automatic compressed air and coolant monitoring
  • For processing of zirconium dioxide, PMMA, wax, plastics, and grindable block materials
  • Control software Remote DENTAL 3.0
  • Touchscreen operation with integrated Tablet-PC

Technical specifications CORiTEC 245i dry - dental milling machine

Number of axles and machining type4 axes, simultaneous machining
Max. tilt angle of the rotary axisA-axis +/- 30°
Wet processingIntegrated only in CORiTEC 245i
Spindle max. / Pmax~60,000 rpm / 0,4 kW
Axle drivesMicrostep motors
Tool fitting3 mm shaft
Tool changer12-fold
Workpiece changerManual
Weight95 kg
Width x depth x height544x650x612 mm
Mains voltage / frequency / power100V-240 V / 50/60 Hz / 800 W
Compressed air supply6-9 bar constant supply, 50 litres/minute
MaterialsZirconium dioxide, aluminium oxide, PMMA, plastics, composites, wax. Glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics, prefabricated abutments (only CORiTEC 245i touch)
Compatibility98 mm/98.5 mm blanks, CAD/CAM blocks (3-fold adapters), Lava frames

Additional Information

Number of axes4
Number of tool positions12
Pmax~ maximum spindle speed0,4 kW 60.000 rpm
Drive motorsMicrostep motors
Blank change / Number of blank holderManual once
Dry processingIdeally suitable
Wet processingOnly for dry processing, e.g. Lava Ultimate
Blank processing 98 / 98,5mmIdeally suitable
Block processing (CAD / CAM blocks) Only for dry processing, e.g. Lava Ultimate
Zirconium oxide / aluminium oxideIdeally suitable
PMMA / resins / PEEK /composite / waxIdeally suitable
Glass ceramics / hybrid ceramicsNot available
Sintered metalIdeally suitable
Chromium cobaltNot available
TitaniumNot available
Copings / Crowns / Inlay / OnlayIdeally suitable
Bridges up to 3 itemsIdeally suitable
Bridges up to 14 itemsIdeally suitable
Therapeutic splints (bite splints)Suitable
Tooth modelsNot available
Model castSuitable
Abutments on titanium adhesive basisIdeally suitable
Prefabricated abutments of Ti /CoCrNot available
One-piece abutments (Zr, resins)Suitable
One-piece abutments (CoCr, titanium)Not available
Barr structures / one-piece abutment bridges on implantsNot available