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  • TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

    Keep improving with TRIOS®

    Take advantage of the award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner to enhance patient experience, reduce chair-time and unlock the widest range of treatment opportunities. Backed by continuous software updates, upgradable hardware and add-on treatment modules, TRIOS ensures your practice stays ahead and your business grows stronger.

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  • 3Shape 3D Scanners

    Adaptive impression scanning technology ensures complete and accurate capture.

    Building on our proven high-end scanner technologies, the new D900L brings together RealColor™ technology, high speed, implant bar accuracy, and maximized interior space in a small footprint scanner. Four high-res 5Mp cameras and new blue LED technology provide extraordinary speed highly accurate color scanning. Perfect for large high volume, productive-orientated lab.

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  • Dental Milling

    Innovation and affordability for precision dental milling

    imes-icore dental milling machines are produced in our factory in Eiterfeld (Hesse), where our highly qualified staff works at the highest precision level. The imes-icore dental milling machines are constantly reviewed from planning to construction by our in-house quality management. Each of our machines is manufactured to order. Thus, each dental cad/cam machine already has its future owner. This feature reminds us again and again about our promise.

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  • Dolphin Imaging

    Dolphin Imaging software is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device

    Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions is a leading provider of best in class 2D/3D orthodontic imaging, diagnostic, practice management, case presentation, and patient education software for dental specialty professionals worldwide. Cloud and Mobile options are available for all products.

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  • 3D Printer

    The World's most Advanced 3D Printer

    The future in desktop additive manufacturing, the PICO2 offers exceptional performance, effortless usability all within a compact package.

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  • 3Shape Implant Studio® 2016

    Prosthetics and Implant planning finally brought together

    Finally, a system that brings together implant planning, prosthetics, and surgical guide design to provide a cost efficient solution, improving turn-around time and opening new business opportunities for both dentists and labs. By integrating implant planning with Dental System's design workflows, labs can provide surgical guides and restorative components before surgery.

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T Dental Laboratory

is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are the only dental laboratory in Thailand that using CAD/CAM system and high-strength all-ceramic materials.

The Optimal System is Advanced Material Technology of all-ceramic restoration. The patients have a choice of a material that is esthetic, strong, pure, biocompatible and capable of being used for single and long span dental bridgework. Also, all-ceramic restorations are more esthetic pleasing.